Many of the more popular ‘natural’ remedies that are being launched on the internet at the moment have their roots in Chinese Medicine. This means that they have been around for centuries, but it is only now that the western world is starting to discover just how effective they are as a treatment. One of the most popular products out at the moment is Tei Fu Oil. It is receiving a lot of praise online. Is this deserved praise? Well, that is what we are going to discuss in this Tei Fu Oil Review.

So what is Tei Fu Oil? Well, it is a combination of a variety of different oils (we will discuss those more in depth soon!). This formula has been designed to act as a sort of painkiller. When you use it, you can pretty much eliminate headaches, joint pain, and much more instantly. It can also be used to cure sore throats, ease upset stomachs, and even calm down bites. It pretty much does it all.


Tei Fu Oil Pack of 12
Tei Fu Essential Oils Pack Of 6 from Amazon

Tei Fu Essential Oils is made up of a number of different components. Inside that small bottle you will find the following:

  • Safflower Oil
  • Wintergreen Oil
  • Methol
  • Camphor
  • Clove
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender

All of these have many uses in Chinese Medicine and each of them is designed to do a completely different job. As mentioned previously, they can help deal with a number of different problems. Can it do the job well though? Yes, it really can! I find that as a painkiller it works a lot faster than ‘medicated’ options. It really is a case of taking it (either orally or externally) and the pain disappears pretty much instantly. The great thing is, Tei Fu Essential Oils do not mask the pain like standard painkillers. Instead it completely eliminates it. This means that when the effects where off, the pain won’t come back.

These oils work together to clear out your system and then calm you down with a refreshing scent. It can even ease up your respiratory system if you are suffering from breathing difficulties as a result of a cold. There is nothing else quite like it on the market at the moment. Certainly nothing that is as quick and effective as Tei Fu Oil at least.

This is a completely natural product. This means that unlike ‘standard painkillers’ and other medicines out there on the market, there are few, if any side effects to using Tei Fu Oil. In fact, I have yet to read a Tei Fu Oil review where somebody has suffered from issues using it.

As you can see from this Tei Fu Oil review, this is an absolutely fantastic product. This really is something that you should be keeping in your medicine cabinet. It can deal with pretty much all of the common medical issues (i.e. pain) pretty easily and it is safe to use as well! Honestly, you should really pick up a bottle and try it for yourself. You will be surprised at just how effective it as curing your aliments.


Tei Fu Essential Oils is an Ancient Chinese Treasure. This is a formula revised and perfected by a noted Chinese herbalist some seventy years ago, based on an ancient formula dating back more than a thousand years to the era of the Tong Dynasty. Tei Fu Essential Oils is a blend of essential oils and flower distillates. It can be is faster working than aspirin for headache, pain, etc. It can help relieve pain instead of masking it.

Tei Fu Essential Oils has about 101 uses: congestion (head/sinus); bites; stiff, sore muscles; headaches; make tea for sore throat; add a drop to water for upset stomach, also can be used as a general wake up.

It also comes in Tei Fu Massage Lotion for stiff and sore muscles after a long hike or workout. It works great!

Tei Fu Essential Oils Benefits:
•Invigorates the mind and stimulates the respiratory system.
•Offers cleansing, refreshing and softening properties.
•Contains mood-enhancing scents.

Tei Fu Essential Oils Tei Fu Essential Oils was developed and perfected by a Chinese herbalist several decades ago. This unique formula is based on years of Chinese wisdom and herbal knowledge.

Tei Fu Essential Oils contain safflower oil, wintergreen oil, menthol, camphor, clove, eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. Tei Fu Essential Oils can be used for a wide variety of applications, especially where the refreshing, invigorating properties of essential oils are desired. Avoid contact with eyes, nose and other sensitive areas.

Tei Fu Essential Oils can be used for a wide variety of applications, especially where the refreshing, invigorating properties of essential oils are desired. Avoid contact with eyes and nose. Apply 1-4 drops to desired area and rub in as an aid in conditioning skin.

Tei Fu Massage Lotion
Tei Fu Massage Lotion
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Tei Fu Essential Oils was researched and developed by a Chinese herbalist several decades ago. Tei Fu Oil is used to soothe aching muscles and stiff joints. Read

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